Pre Mother's Day Hike

We had a great morning today... the three of us got out and went hiking up Makapu'u.  It's a Beautiful (with a capital B) area of the island.  I won't discuss how out of shape I am, I will just express how incredible it was to spend a stress free, no monkey on the back day with the family. Mel finally finished his BioOrganiChem so we can have some semblance of a family life again... woot woot for that little nugget of change.

After the hike we drove into Aina Haina for a little brunch (I had a (phenom.) Mahi Sandwich.) We found this little dive diner that we WILL be going back to... every one was so friendly in the diner, oohing and ahhing over Cora.  Too cute.  

After brunch, we moseyed over and had a little (Cup)Cake Couture which is nothing short of divine.   I've decided (if they ship) some of those near (not in miles) and dear to us will be getting a cupcake soon! I feel selfish not sharing the yum.... and to those that live on the island, go get one yer damn self!

Anyway, it was a great morning, yay!