Post #2

So, its been a few... months probably. I get busy and forget I start things. I hate the word "blog" so from now on this is my journal. I'm journaling.

Cora is so funny! I have been having so much fun with her in the past month. She is really talking nowadays. She will repeat almost anything (if she's in the mood)... that "lovely" father of hers taught her how to say s.h.i.t. I have to spell it because if I say it she will repeat it (yes. Even on here! I'm not taking any chances.)   
The other day Mel kept saying "momma is full of shit" and then that evening Cora just comes out with it!!... not "momma," not "full," not "is" or "of," but SHIT!... plain as day, sitting in her car seat, talking to her ducky. As funny and absolutely adorably innocent it is, I still had to punch Mel for it!  
I want to post a couple pictures of how cute she is and how grown up she is looking at ten months old (tomorrow!) but I haven't figured out how to post pictures on this thing yet. I'm a little slow on the uptake, so bear with me.
Anyway, I have to put littlemiss down for her nappy.  

... 'til next time... it's been a slice...