Honolulu City Lights

We took the Honolulu City Lights Trolley Tour! The trolley was a little scary, not being buckled in and driving in Honolulu traffic was a little nerve-racking for a worry-wart mommy like me. I could tell Cora was a little nervous, but she loved it at the same time. We had fun, but now I feel bad because she's been sick ever since :( I exposed her to some cold bug somewhere down there, grrr.
Now she keeps asking to go back to the "elf store" and "watch them make toys for her." SO CUTE. I am so excited to see her on Christmas morning, it is going to be a beautiful thing! I hope everyone out there has a great, GREAT Christmas! Much love!!


Mommy & Me Tea

Cora and I went to our first "afternoon tea" today! It was such a beautiful little tea room and we had a blast!! We met new friends, ate chocolate covered strawberries and bananas, had cute flower shaped tea sandwiches, muffins, and cupcakes, and of course, delicious tea. The best part was crafting and that Cora got a magic wand (star shaped and everything!) so she can be a temporary fairy just like Alice (in one of her favorite books!) It was the perfect afternoon tea, and we can't wait to go again! Dressing up for tea has never been more fun.



I'm posting a few photos of nightlife in the Turner house. I love my life. I can't believe how beautiful my little girl is becoming. She is growing so much every day and is a complete parrot. She repeats EVERYTHING we do and say. Lucia today, taught her a little something. Cora came up to me and said "Mommy, this is my finger and THIS is you" then she twirled one finger around her other finger... get it? I'm wrapped around her little finger. I cracked up. It was so cute, but if Lu had been home she mighta got hit! We are getting decorated and really excited for Christmas. Cora sat on Santa's lap and let him read her a book and talk about what she wants for Christmas, it was a really priceless moment, AND we got it captured on film. I can't wait for you all to see it.
Anyway, off to bed and to watch The Holiday... I hope you enjoy the photos of a really great evening :)