Congrats to Terry!

Terry (a friend of Mel's who we haven't seen in YEARS) called us this weekend telling us he's on island and MARRIED!  We are very happy for him.  His wife is an absolute gem.  He scored!! We got to spend a couple days with them, which was very nice.  Apparently Shauna (his new wife) is from Canada, Ottawa maybe?  I forget exactly, but I'm very excited at the prospect of getting to go there.  I've never been Eastern Canada and I bet it is just beautiful!!  Anyway, it was a good weekend, spent with old and new friends.

Cora took her first step today!  It was just one step, but she took it with confidence!  It was a little practice step, very cute.  She was standing, holding onto the couch and she let go and took one step toward the couch.  Very concentrated. I just LOVE watching her little brain work. I've tried calling Mel to tell him that his baby took an unaided step, but he's not answering his phone... I'm very bummed that he wasn't here to see it! 

There will be more steps.

Until next... I'm off to fold laundry (because that is what I do)




I sit down to write in my "journal" and guess what?... Cora is stirring.  So this will probably be short.  I think I found a venue for Cora's 1st birthday party.  It's simple, "free," (I can never remember if the comma goes in or out of the parenthesis) and close to home; but its a huge room and could get spendy to decorate.  Who knows... I have all these grand plans and big ideas (bigger than my budget) so we'll just have to wait and see what happens when the time comes.  

Oh, we finally got our car!!  We purchased a 2009 Toyota Camry (Hybrid) last month but it had to be shipped to the island so it took awhile.  We got to take it home last night, yippee!  It is really nice.  I'm very happy with the purchase (especially since they gave us an upgraded version when we bought the standard, no bells or whistles version.) 

OK, this has to be it for now, Cora is ready to get up.  I wish the girl would nap longer then one hour!! 


Duty Days...

Ugh... tell me, military wives, am I the only one that eats like a starved pig when hubby is on duty?!  I don't understand this compulsion.  I'm NOT hungry, yet, I find myself standing, fridge sprawled open, scrounging for something (anything) to munch on.  Boredom compels me!  I hate it.  Luckily, (and to my utter despair) we never buy any junk food, so my options are an apple or 100 calorie packs!
So, besides the headache and the duty day munchies, things are good... Cora is an absolute riot.  I was watching The Perfect Man (catching up on my girlie flix while Mel is gone) and I laughed out loud at something and Cora, propped up against me sucking her thumb, starts belly laughing right along with me!  I start laughing harder (at her) and she laughs harder, it was a wonderfully vicious cycle. Who knew being a Mommy would be so completely hilarious? :)

On another (ugly) note, those wackjobs from Kansas are on island today.  What's their "official" name??... Westboro Baptist "Church" (quotations are mine, they don't deserve to be able to use that word.) These people make me nauseous. They are here to "protest" at Hawaii's Churches and military locales (Schofield, the Arizona Memorial, etc.) Their people rival the KKK for being the most vile, ignorant, and evil people on the planet.  I plan on staying home; far, far away from the ugliness they will be spewing into our atmosphere (as if the Vog wasn't bad enough!)  I weep for the mothers who bore these people, what shame and sadness they must feel.... anyway, enough energy wasted on crazy... moving on.

I hope you enjoy the pictures... littlemiss just woke up so I have to go retrieve her from her bedroom.

Love and aloha,



Pre Mother's Day Hike

We had a great morning today... the three of us got out and went hiking up Makapu'u.  It's a Beautiful (with a capital B) area of the island.  I won't discuss how out of shape I am, I will just express how incredible it was to spend a stress free, no monkey on the back day with the family. Mel finally finished his BioOrganiChem so we can have some semblance of a family life again... woot woot for that little nugget of change.

After the hike we drove into Aina Haina for a little brunch (I had a (phenom.) Mahi Sandwich.) We found this little dive diner that we WILL be going back to... every one was so friendly in the diner, oohing and ahhing over Cora.  Too cute.  

After brunch, we moseyed over and had a little (Cup)Cake Couture which is nothing short of divine.   I've decided (if they ship) some of those near (not in miles) and dear to us will be getting a cupcake soon! I feel selfish not sharing the yum.... and to those that live on the island, go get one yer damn self!

Anyway, it was a great morning, yay!


I'm clued in

I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO UPLOAD PICTURES!!  yeah, I'm a bit slow, we've established that.  But be excited nonetheless, because now you all can see little tidbits of our life in picture.  Don't act like you're not excited about that... I know.  You are.  

Cora is silly.  Enough said.

Post #2

So, its been a few... months probably. I get busy and forget I start things. I hate the word "blog" so from now on this is my journal. I'm journaling.

Cora is so funny! I have been having so much fun with her in the past month. She is really talking nowadays. She will repeat almost anything (if she's in the mood)... that "lovely" father of hers taught her how to say s.h.i.t. I have to spell it because if I say it she will repeat it (yes. Even on here! I'm not taking any chances.)   
The other day Mel kept saying "momma is full of shit" and then that evening Cora just comes out with it!!... not "momma," not "full," not "is" or "of," but SHIT!... plain as day, sitting in her car seat, talking to her ducky. As funny and absolutely adorably innocent it is, I still had to punch Mel for it!  
I want to post a couple pictures of how cute she is and how grown up she is looking at ten months old (tomorrow!) but I haven't figured out how to post pictures on this thing yet. I'm a little slow on the uptake, so bear with me.
Anyway, I have to put littlemiss down for her nappy.  

... 'til next time... it's been a slice...