Congrats to Terry!

Terry (a friend of Mel's who we haven't seen in YEARS) called us this weekend telling us he's on island and MARRIED!  We are very happy for him.  His wife is an absolute gem.  He scored!! We got to spend a couple days with them, which was very nice.  Apparently Shauna (his new wife) is from Canada, Ottawa maybe?  I forget exactly, but I'm very excited at the prospect of getting to go there.  I've never been Eastern Canada and I bet it is just beautiful!!  Anyway, it was a good weekend, spent with old and new friends.

Cora took her first step today!  It was just one step, but she took it with confidence!  It was a little practice step, very cute.  She was standing, holding onto the couch and she let go and took one step toward the couch.  Very concentrated. I just LOVE watching her little brain work. I've tried calling Mel to tell him that his baby took an unaided step, but he's not answering his phone... I'm very bummed that he wasn't here to see it! 

There will be more steps.

Until next... I'm off to fold laundry (because that is what I do)



jeannie said...

i am jealous, you get time to fold laundry ;)