Duty Days...

Ugh... tell me, military wives, am I the only one that eats like a starved pig when hubby is on duty?!  I don't understand this compulsion.  I'm NOT hungry, yet, I find myself standing, fridge sprawled open, scrounging for something (anything) to munch on.  Boredom compels me!  I hate it.  Luckily, (and to my utter despair) we never buy any junk food, so my options are an apple or 100 calorie packs!
So, besides the headache and the duty day munchies, things are good... Cora is an absolute riot.  I was watching The Perfect Man (catching up on my girlie flix while Mel is gone) and I laughed out loud at something and Cora, propped up against me sucking her thumb, starts belly laughing right along with me!  I start laughing harder (at her) and she laughs harder, it was a wonderfully vicious cycle. Who knew being a Mommy would be so completely hilarious? :)

On another (ugly) note, those wackjobs from Kansas are on island today.  What's their "official" name??... Westboro Baptist "Church" (quotations are mine, they don't deserve to be able to use that word.) These people make me nauseous. They are here to "protest" at Hawaii's Churches and military locales (Schofield, the Arizona Memorial, etc.) Their people rival the KKK for being the most vile, ignorant, and evil people on the planet.  I plan on staying home; far, far away from the ugliness they will be spewing into our atmosphere (as if the Vog wasn't bad enough!)  I weep for the mothers who bore these people, what shame and sadness they must feel.... anyway, enough energy wasted on crazy... moving on.

I hope you enjoy the pictures... littlemiss just woke up so I have to go retrieve her from her bedroom.

Love and aloha,