Celebration & Family

Wow. It's been awhile, eh? It's hard to update my little "journal" lately, we always have such a houseful, I have no downtime! It's fun though, I've spent so many years away from family, I'm soaking up every second I have with my cousins while they are here. I love them (Cora LOVES them, also.) This morning Cora was telling Sophi, "No Sophi, you no go to work today, stay here with me!" And every day when they get home from work she runs into their arms like she hasn't seen them in years! It is so cute, and I'm so happy that she has family around (besides boring ol' mom and dad!) The picture above was taken while Gramma Deana was out visiting. We went to Kaneohe Sandbar and chilled on the ocean for the day. Lucia and Cora were loungin' together, gettin' some rays!
August was a good month! Mel and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on the 24th. We went out on a little date while Gramma, Sophi, and Lulu stayed home with Cora. It was nice to get out alone and just focus on one another for a few hours. But alas, we missed Cora, and didn't want her to go to bed without us telling her goodnight, so we came home early... as it turns out, being parents is our first priority, above a night on the town. Six years into marriage and we are so connected, so "on the same page," and it was great to go out and talk, just us, to reaffirm our commitment to each other and to our FAMILY as a whole.
So yeah, a couple days after our anniversary I turned 32, not happy about it, so let's just skim over that little particular (Mel bought me a gorgeous painting, some beautiful flowers (pink lilies,) and he and Cora made me a gorgeous, GORGEOUS cake!) I got to blow out the candles with my babygirl, that was the best part of the day. Seeing her excitement in celebrating my big (OLD) day made turning 32 fun (almost!)