"I'm a princess with monkey feet!! I'm a princess with monkey feet on a bicycle!!! Look at me, look at me!!" Miss Cora Lue was in rare form today. Not only was she a "princess with monkey feet," but throughout the day she was also "Superhero Cora, to the rescue!" (her pink blankie doubles as a cape) and a Lick Monster (who chases you through the house, tackles you and licks/drools on you to gross you out.) She learned how to do a headstand on the couch, and discovered that if she stands on the couch she can jump ALL THE WAY across the living room and land on her monkey chair "and see Momma, I don't hurt myself, I'm ok. I can do it, it doesn't hurt." How silly of me to suggest she stop, she clearly had it under control. It's definitely been a day, no complaints though, I laughed all day long :)


Gina and Brian said...

So cute! Where did you find those slippers???

Gina and Brian said...

I know it is probably pregnancy brain, but I'm still waiting to find out where you got those slippers!

The Turners said...

The slippers are from Target! They didn't have any small enough for her, those are like three sizes too big, but she LOVES them!