For My Mother (AND GINA!)

Boxcar races!
FIRST SNOW! (She nailed Mommy in the eye with a snowball!)
Time spent with friends
Happy Dance for her brother/sister on the way
The girl loves to shop

As was brought to my attention (several times,) I have not updated my blog since Christmas!! I know that is unacceptable and I will do my best to get back into the habit! 2010 has been a crazy year. Cora has been a hundred miles a minute, growing, learning, and thriving. Mel has been absolutely swamped with school, and we have been trying FOREVER to get pregnant. But now, Mel is on (albeit short) summer vacation, I feel less stress and have more help, and I'm pregnant(!!!) so things are looking good right about now... time for some reflection, if only I had memory enough to recap that last few months! But let's be real, I don't know what I did earlier today, much less a few months back (Ginko, if only I would take you...) In a very short and not very detailed recap, we played play-doh, painted pretty pictures, swang on swings (not a word, but perfect anyway,) had lots of park time, beach time, and pool time. We celebrated birthdays, made friends, lost friends, had Valentine's fun, traveled to visit family, had Easter extravaganzas, Sealife Park tours, Zoo fun, and Mother's Day celebrations. In short, we've been livin' the good life these past five months!
As for current events.... Cora is the light of our lives. She is like this little magnet for happiness and I can't say enough how much fun "two" has been with her, there was no "terrible" in it at all, but alas, the time is short until she turns three!! I fear since two was so great, three must be where "the terrible" kicks in! But, I am beaming with pride for her right now. Last night Mel took off the front of her crib to transition her into her big girl bed she will get on her 3rd birthday and we are both absolutely shocked at how well she did her first night without bars. We told her that she had to stay in her bed unless she had to pee, no getting up... and she listened!! She got up one time to turn off her fan and get a book, but she yelled for me and asked permission before she got up. And just now, at her first naptime in the open crib, I heard her open her door so I went to chastise her for getting up without asking and she was sitting on the toilet going potty!! I am just so impressed at what a sweet, smart, amazingly obedient and kind little soul she is. I just love her!!