15 Weeks

Pic of the Day: Kaneohe Sandbar

Today, I am 15 weeks pregnant. Woot woot!! I think it's finally starting to sink in... I'm going to have another baby. Even just writing this blog, focused on baby 2, feels so weird. This is Cora's blog (WAS Cora's blog) now she has to share it, like so many other things. She is very excited though. She asked me a couple days ago, "Mommy, when can my baby brother or sister come out of your belly?" I told her not until Christmas time. She said, "I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS TIME!! I just can't wait!!"... so cute. And when we went to the baby store to do a little shopping she kept asking to buy things for Baby Nugget, she didn't ask for a single thing for herself. What a sweet little soul, now, if only she can keep that outlook once baby is here, in her reality, sharing her space, sharing Mommy & Daddy, sharing her toys... we shall see! We have so many changes coming in the next six months, I'm not sure I'm ready, but time keeps ticking along without any concern for me... But yeah, back to baby, I had my 14 week appt., everything seems to be going well, we got to hear a very loud, very strong heartbeat, which made me smile :) I kept asking for an ultrasound because I've been very nervous about this pregnancy, doc wouldn't give me one but hearing that little thump thump was very reassuring anyway. 25 weeks and counting...