Our Island Tumbler

So, we finally got into a gymnastics class! Cora had her first day today at Island Tumblers. I think she's going to have a ton of fun there once she gets over her shyness. Both the coaches are male (which is a bonus since she tends to like/trust men more than women) and they seemed to be great with the little ones and teach a pretty structured, fun, varied class. She learned how to do her stretches, walk sideways on the balance beam (walking backwards was a bit advanced for her) and jump down and yell "ta-dah!" (which might have been her favorite part.) She was apprehensive but by the end of the class she was willing to give her coaches a high-five and say "bye coach!" (she wouldn't get near them or talk to them at the beginning of class.) I'm hoping that next class she might be willing to let them touch her to help her do her skills!! I am so happy we decided to enroll her so young, she is going to love it and I can't wait to watch her begin to learn some skills (there are 2.5 year olds who can stand on their heads and do handstands!) Stay tuned for more photos and stories of our island tumbler!


Cora Lue

Here are some recent pictures of Cora (for those of you giving me grief about posting text sans photos) ... I hope you enjoy them!

Telling Mommy "No more Mommy, no more!"

What do you want?

Showing off her "treasures" (rocks from the flower bed)

She fell asleep coming home from Whole Foods (she had a cold and didn't feel well)

Playing in the rain water and couldn't be happier about it!!

There.  (All you cry babies.) There are your pictures. She's as beautiful and amazing as always.  

A little update: we went to our first St. Patrick's Day Parade today. After the first band went by she said "no more pease, mommy, no more" (her favorite thing to say right now!) And tomorrow morning is her first day of gymnastics class... wish us luck!!



Ok, I know its pathetic, but the biggest news in our world is that Target opened on-island!! It's just like a mile away from the house and I am soooo happy. We bought Cora a new doctor kit so she could practice playing doctor (and maybe not be such a little crybaby at her next appointment!) We also got her some new wooden puzzles and she has learned her numbers from them. She can count to four unassisted, then if we say "five" she will say "six, seven" and if we say "eight" she will say "NIIIIINE!!"  It's really cute. She loves to point out the number two. "Two birdies" "two turtles" whenever she sees a pair of something she loves to announce it to the world. Anyway, life is good here.  Mel has started his clinical at Po Hai Nani Retirement Community and is really enjoying school.  Cora will start gymnastics soon and we can't wait for that!  She is crazy and has no fear so it will be a great, safe, place for her to explore that side of herself.  More soon... I have to go color!