Cora Lue

Here are some recent pictures of Cora (for those of you giving me grief about posting text sans photos) ... I hope you enjoy them!

Telling Mommy "No more Mommy, no more!"

What do you want?

Showing off her "treasures" (rocks from the flower bed)

She fell asleep coming home from Whole Foods (she had a cold and didn't feel well)

Playing in the rain water and couldn't be happier about it!!

There.  (All you cry babies.) There are your pictures. She's as beautiful and amazing as always.  

A little update: we went to our first St. Patrick's Day Parade today. After the first band went by she said "no more pease, mommy, no more" (her favorite thing to say right now!) And tomorrow morning is her first day of gymnastics class... wish us luck!!


Gina and Brian said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! I just love her!! Just curious, but what are "text sans photos"?

Gina and Brian said...

Nevermind about my question...lol..I'm sometimes retarded!