Our Island Tumbler

So, we finally got into a gymnastics class! Cora had her first day today at Island Tumblers. I think she's going to have a ton of fun there once she gets over her shyness. Both the coaches are male (which is a bonus since she tends to like/trust men more than women) and they seemed to be great with the little ones and teach a pretty structured, fun, varied class. She learned how to do her stretches, walk sideways on the balance beam (walking backwards was a bit advanced for her) and jump down and yell "ta-dah!" (which might have been her favorite part.) She was apprehensive but by the end of the class she was willing to give her coaches a high-five and say "bye coach!" (she wouldn't get near them or talk to them at the beginning of class.) I'm hoping that next class she might be willing to let them touch her to help her do her skills!! I am so happy we decided to enroll her so young, she is going to love it and I can't wait to watch her begin to learn some skills (there are 2.5 year olds who can stand on their heads and do handstands!) Stay tuned for more photos and stories of our island tumbler!


Gina and Brian said...

So cute! She looks like she had fun! We take the twins to Rolly Pollies which is kind of like gymnastics. They LOVE it. Rylee is already doing forward rolls. Parker puts his head on the floor, his butt in the air, and then falls over sideways. We also started them in Kindermusic and they really seem to enjoy that too.