Cora Lue is THREE

I can't believe it's been three years... really, I can.not believe it. What an amazing sojourn it is to be a parent. I thought I never wanted this adventure but there are not words to describe how wrong I was. Being a parent is the single most important, most treasured, and most rewarding part of my life. Thank you Cora, for being beautiful you. We are so blessed and honored to your Mommy & Daddy. Happy 3rd Birthday!!


Gina and Brian said...

She is so beautiful! Is she getting ready to have cake for breakfast??? Looks like she's in her pjs!

The Turners said...

She IS in her Pj's, but no, it was 4:00pm. She is a very picky little girl, she HAS TO have her jammies on for naptime, she won't take a nap without them. So, she had just woke up from nap and I hadn't gotten her redressed yet. I wash more jammies then I do undies or towels, she's a freak about her jammies!