So. Cora had her first trick-or-treating experience, and let me tell you... SHE LOVED IT! She did sooo good! She was scared of NOTHING. She carried her little flashlight and big pumpkin pail the whole time and we did three or four cult-de-sacs. We were all amazed!
And she was fearless too... there was a little boy who was dressed as a werewolf, he had this horrible mask on that I didn't even like looking at, but Cora staaaared at him and waaaatched him, and then when he went to leave she followed him! smiling and waving goodbye to him!  She's such a gentle soul, she sees the good in everyone :) (even werewolves, ghosts, and goblins, apparently.)
Her costume was a big hit around the 'hood! Everyone was stopping and telling us how great her outfit was and how cute she looked! It was her daddy's undershirt (some scissors and a sharpie!)  Who says you have to spend money for a great costume! 
There were some tween-age girls walking behind us that were ooohing and awwing over Cora and I heard one of them say "I want her.  No really, I want her. She is so cute!" It made me laugh.

The neighborhood was crackin'!! I couldn't believe how many people were out! We saw werewolves and ghouls, we saw hula girls and Pippy Longstocking, Cinderella and Rainbow Bright (that one was cute!) We saw an iPod costume, a dog dressed up as a hotdog (complete with condiments on top) (...cute!) We saw Snow White and Spiderman, Indiana Jones, and beautiful butterflies.... we saw it all.

Endless costumes and boundless creativity, but I have to say (although I could be biased) Cora was the best in show!

Anyway, it's getting late, but I just had to post and tell everyone that it was an adventure and I wish you all could have been here to see our little ghost-girl out on the town!

We hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Gina and Brian said...

How adorable! We took the twins last night with some friends and they just liked watching all of the people...next year will be a lot more exciting!

Anonymous said...

I must say, this is so freckin cute!!! I love and miss you guys a lot!! Thank goodness for your blog, or else i would miss out on so much.

Love you all,

Uncle S.

Anonymous said...

cora you are so cute in your little ghost costume love you a bunch

your cousin in Oregon Makayla