July Is Gone

I haven't written in a minute so I thought I'd catch all my (imaginary) readers up. July just blew by. It was a month full of big deals. First of all, Mel was detached from the USS Olympia (thank God) which brought such an amazing sense of relief to our entire house. He is less stressed, which helps me be less stressed, which is always good because, as they say, "if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" (they do say that, right?) So yeah, that was cool. Then Cora turned one, what a huge milestone! Then (dun dun dun!)  Cora started walking (less stress? Yeah, that was short lived) and the girl does not stop. She. Just. Does. Not. Stop. It has been mentioned that we should put a pedometer on her and see how many miles she goes in a day. I think everyone would be amazed. She doesn't even take the time to play with her toys anymore, she'd rather just walk laps around the house. She tires us out just watching her.  
Ok, so what else happened in July?.... Mel's friend, Scott, came to visit. He stayed ten days and we had a lot of fun hitting the beaches with him. And, uh, what else? We took a couple trips. We flew to Indiana for a few... saw the Grandparents and Cora's Mamaw, Papaw, Aunt Jennie, and cousins, Noah & Ali. That was nice. 

No one had any idea that we were flying in so it was a big shock to everyone and a fun surprise. I had never been to Indiana in the summer before; it was a big change from 15 degrees and snowing! Hot, humid, and lots and lots of corn and soy feilds! In some areas the smell of corn was so strong it almost made me queasy. But we all had a good time. Cora had a blast playing with her cousins even though she was teething and bit uncomfortable (she got her first molar.) She thinks she's so grown up now, with eight (almost nine) teeth. And I must say for the record, even though she was teething, she was a complete angel during our flights which was so so much appreciated (remind me to thank her someday when she's old enough to comprehend.) 
We went to the city park in Tipton and let Cora play in the grass (something she doesn't get to do in Hawaii because of the forsaken centipedes and roaches!)  Here's a photo:

She swang on the swings ("just a swangin'... SWANGIN'") and played with leaves (and ate rocks) and had a BIG nap afterwards. 

It was nice to see the family for a little bit. And it was good to get out of my house because I was feeling really, really cramped and edgy. I've returned home with a much renewed respect and a fresh outlook for which I am very grateful. Anyway, there is more July fun, but this post much be cut short, I need to eat before the Miss Lue and her Daddy wake up! Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a fun trip to Indiana!! Maybe the next time you're up here we can get together.

Take care,

Mary Jane