Cora Meets Cohen

We managed to get to Arizona finally!! And I have to say, Cohen and Cora are the cutest little things ever!! Are they not?? We had such an amazing time with Jenn and Matt and I couldn't have needed it more. It has been almost six years since Jenn and I have got to spend more than a couple hours together and I realize now how I've missed her and how much I need her in my life!! 
Seeing our children play together (and fight with each other) was such an incredible blessing... we WILL NOT wait another six years to get together again!
Our vacation time there was wonderful I tell ya... 115 degree weather and all.  We laughed, we ate, we drank cosmo bitches! We swam at night in their private pool (with beautiful sunsets and amazing lightening in the distance) while watching Sideways on our own private drive-in theatre screen (aka a projector and a white sheet duct taped to the side of the house.) We drank wine and played cards. We met great people and played Bocce. Mel and Matt went to the Harrah's and blew some hard earned money. Jenn and I shopped our hearts out at Ikea. Cora and Cohen fought over who was going to ride which tricycle and shared wonderful hugs and slobbery kisses... really, it was fun had by all.  I am so so glad that we decided to go! I only wish we could have stayed longer *sigh*

(This was my attempt to get the AMAZING sunset and the pool, but my camera sucks and didn't cooperate and everything is muted and weird.)

(The guys, Bocce, and beer... they are in heaven)


Anonymous said...

Cora you are so cute. i love you alot. you are the best cousin.

you cousin in Oregon Makayla