We took Cora to the zoo today!!  It was her first visit.  She LOVED the turtles.. and the monkeys. Really, who am I kidding, she loved everything!!  The Keiki Zoo (aka Petting Zoo) was a lot of fun for her. She got to pet goats and see chickens and ponies, llamas, and duckies, guinea pigs, and hogs (she wouldn't touch the hogs though!) She is so cautious; even with the goats she would just pinch their little ears, and pat them lightly (with a death grip on dad's arm so he couldn't get too far away!)  She wouldn't get too close.  She's very interested and observant, but cautious. Adorable. Really, what else can I say, each and every moment with her is priceless. 

Things have been going really well, Mel's new chief seems to be an ok guy, that's good... it will make this last month on board a little easier. Yay for that!  Uhmm, what else? We found out a great friend of ours is expecting, she's wanted a baby for a long time so we are happy for them. Uh, what else?  Father's Day is tomorrow, Mel's first.  Yay. We have a fun day planned.  Don't tell him though, its a surprise.  Cora bought him a cute little gift that I think he will like... I'll keep ya posted.

Anyway, that's all I got for now...