PBS Kids

Ok so, if you are ever bored and looking to be creeped out, check out PBSkids's Jay Jay The Jet Plane. I happened to catch this show today and I am still, hours later, feeling a bit "off" from it. I can't quite put my finger on why it gives me the heeby jeebies, but it does. It could be the Chester Chester face on "Big Jake" or the tweaky girl that just doesn't "belong" in TarryTown, any way it goes, I'm not a fan.  

Word World though, now THAT'S a show. We record them for Cora (she loves Dog) but in reality, I probably watch it more then she does. So again, if you're bored, check out PBSkids, its got a little somethin' for everyone...

That's all I got.  So, peace be with you (and also with you).... I'm out. 


Jeannie said...

Ellie likes JJ, but she love's airplanes. it does not keep her engaged much past, "airplanes, look momma, airplanes". i think i get what you mean. there are so many shows, ellie loves so many, i think one of the best is wonderpets, it has gotten her eating vegitables more and her imgination has grown a lot. you should check them out.