The Arrival

Announcing Miss Ke`ala Ellise Turner. Born at 10:35pm on December 10, 2010. Momma was VERY nervous going into delivery and determined not to feel any pain! I told the nurses that their number one job was to control my pain, do that and I'll be happy!! They started my pitocin very slowly. The contractions were just a little uncomfortable and the pain was minimal as I progressed slowly. I was worried that they were prolonging my labor by not upping the pitocin fast enough... but thankfully they knew their job and did it well (despite my lack of faith) because right when my contractions started to hurt (just a little) the nurse anesthetist was there and my epidural was put it place. He was FABULOUS and I felt nothing! From that point on I was peachy, no pain, no discomfort, just a warm, happy glow :) Around 10:30 the doctor came in to check my progression and was shocked to see Ke`ala's HEAD poking out! He called in the team, got everything ready, I did one practice push, and one push with a contraction and she was OUT (really, can labor be that easy?!?!) I was shocked! Thinking back to my labor experience with Cora I was so amazed and relieved that it was a completely opposite experience. Pain free, baby came out pink and screaming, just like I prayed for!! And so beautiful... and a GIRL!!! I cried and was so filled with joy. I had fully expected her to be a boy so I was surprised beyond belief and really able to enjoy and be in the moment because my pain was under control, I'm so thankful to the doctors and nurses for making my second and last birth experience so positively memorable.

Ke`ala Ellise 8lbs2oz, 20inches
Cora meeting her sister for the first time
The Turner girls
Daddy's pride and joys