Halloween '09

Let's start by saying, trick-or-treating with a two year old isn't the brightest idea, but, after a few failed attempts, she started to have a good time. Stranger Anxiety (anxiety isn't quite the right word)... Stranger Anger, is strong with Cora. She doesn't like strangers and she's not nice about letting them know that. At one house a lady leaned down to put candy into Cora's witch basket and she yells "NO!! That's MY witch!!" We tried to explain that she wasn't going to take her witch that she just wanted to put a treat in it, and Cora's response? To bend over her witch (to protect it, I presume) and start bawling. All we could do was laugh. But like I said, eventually she got the hang of it!!
When we asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween she said, "DADDY!" So, she was daddy, a nurse, as you can see. She was so cute! (but doesn't have the best bedside manner)