July was INSANE

July flew by! I was absolutely INSANE. Cora turned two (woot woot!) Mel turned 28 (woot woot!) Cambria, Scott, and Brooklyn came and stayed with us for two weeks (BIG woots!) Then Sophi and Lulu flew out to live with us for the summer (I discovered they are my soul sisters!) So, it was busy, busy, busy all month long, I didn't have time to blog AT ALL. So here are a few photos of the highlights of the month... ENJOY!


Guess Who's....

Big congratulations to Cora for being a big girl now!! We decided that when she turned two it was time for her to learn how to use the bathroom like a big girl, in the toilet. We read an e-book a friend had called Three Day Potty Training, really liked the concepts and ideas (no punishment for accidents, no coercions, just positive reminders, LOTS of praise and rewards for success) of the process described and decided to go for it and in three days she was potty trained! I am so amazed, so impressed with her (and us) for being so successful! She is in big girl undies all day and hasn't had an accident in her underwear since day three of potty training (it been two weeks.) She still wears a pull-up at night but those too, will soon be gone, we are going to start that phase of the training soon. It was a stressful first three days....

..but we are all smiles now!!! Congratulations Cora, on your big success!!