Mamaw & Papaw


Thank you soo much for the money to buy my bubble mower!!  I went through two bottles of bubbles already and I just got my mower! (because Mommy and Daddy took FOREVER to get it for me!) 
It is a little hard for me to push by myself but I still love it, Mommy says that when I get the hang of it I will probably go through ten bottles of bubbles a day!  I think it's really fun and its the first noisy toy I've ever had that doesn't scare me :)  Probably because it makes bubbles, nothing that makes bubbles could be scary!!
Anyway, I just wanted to send you both a little thank you note to let you know that I got it, that I love it, and that I love you!


Walking with our feet and Loving with our hearts said...

Buyer Beware...make sure you clean it well and don't leave it outside. It can get clogged and if dirt gets into it..it may not work again. Ours lasted about 1 month.

on another note...Cora is such a big girl now. She is going to be 2 soon too! Time flies. You guys are one BEAUTIFUL family. Miss ya Mary hope to see you in the future!

shipmom said...

Miss Cora,
We are so happy that you like your bubble mower. When your daddy was little he had one and would stay outside all day playing with it. We love you very much and hope to see you soon. Give mommy and daddy and big hug from us.:)

Love you lots,
Mamaw and Papaw