Happy Easter!! I woke up bright and early on Easter Sunday to Cora saying "Happy Easer Daddy!" He had gone to get her out of her crib and that was the first thing out of her mouth. I had no idea that our 21 month old would be speaking in full sentences! She is incredible. The Easter Bunny was very good to Miss Cora this Easter, she got a little flower shop, a flower shaped sprinkler for her backyard playground, and a basket of goodies! She made chocolate chip cookies with her daddy and then went to her friend Riley's house for an Easter egg hunt and dinner. She loved opening the eggs to see what was inside, money (meme!) was her favorite find. She loves to put coins in her piggy bank and give it a sweet kiss on the snout after she makes her deposit. 
We had a really good morning, but really, would it be "real life" if there wasn't a small catastrophe to attend to. Cora had a little meltdown because she was ready to go and Mommy and Daddy were taking too long to get out the door ... oops (my own childhood memories came flooding back in this moment so I had to get it on film.) 

Once we got out the door and on our way, all was fine. I'm afraid of the things that are going to come out of her mouth when her vocabulary expands to a place where she can verbalize her thoughts and feelings towards us (me, particularly) and the way I do things. She is very opinionated and I fear it will be a battle of wills from a very young age (no worries though, I have been prepared for her to hate me since before she was even born!) So yeah, Easter (Easer!) was good and I hope everyone enjoyed their celebrations as well.  
Other than that, school is good, work is good, the weather is improving and starting to resemble Hawaiian weather and not the Pacific Northwest! The rain is on my last nerve, I'm glad to see it dissipating. Anyway, enjoy the snaps of our day and... 

Happy "Easer" everyone!!


Snaps from Kauai

Sand and water fun...
Getting dunked!
Taking time to smell the flowers...


Kauai and Stuff

Hmm, things have been good (I guess.)  I always sit down to write with my head full of things to share and by the time I get here to do it my mind goes blank (Gingko anyone?) So, I guess I'll start with Kauai. We took a little vacation to the outer island for Spring Break.  Our first "official" family vacation so to speak.  We had a great time! We stayed at the Sheridon Resort and did absolutely nothing!  It was perfect. Cora played on the beach, swam in the pool... we ate great food and watched cool hawaiian luaus while sitting on our lanai drinking wine and eating creme brulee cheesecake.  What more could you ask for? 
I have to decided (after almost seven years of refusing) that I'm open to the idea of a king-size bed (not sure it was the size as much as it was the canopy that I fell in love with at the Sheridon, but still) (not that Mel cares why I've changed my mind, only that I have changed it) he's happy.

Speaking of Mel, we went to the pool the other day to do a little "meesa aw"... "Co-cor meesa aw" (which is "Cora wants to swim in the water" in Cora-speak) and Mel ended up getting offered a lifeguarding job on the spot. So that was kinda cool. He'll be working as well as going to school but it's a fun job for him and Cora and I can hang out with daddy while he's at work so it's not taking away too much time from us in that respect. The best part though, is that it saves us the 175$ that we were going to pay for him to get his lifeguarding certification. The company that hired him is going to pay that for us, so yay! School is going really well for him as well. 

Cora's gymnastics class is great. She is getting really good at following the coaches instructions with very little or no help from Mel and I.  I can't believe how fast she is picking it up. I'll try to take some video soon so you all can see her in action... 
speaking of Cora, she has woke up from her nap so I have to go (don't worry moms, I will put pictures up later this evening, so check back!)