Rainy Days

Ugh. The days have been dreary. But leave it up to my daughter to make things interesting. She demands to play in the rain. Well, not so much "demands" as squeals with so much delight at the idea of getting to go outside in the rain that her daddy and I can't resist it. We have to oblige. But wind, rain, thunder/lightening, and warm nights make picking the right outfit a little tricky. This is what we came up with (she might look a fool but she's havin' FUN!)

And here are a couple more from the following day... she was trying to catch raindrops with her tongue.  
So. Cute.


Anonymous said...

Ah Ha! I am so proud of Cora's mommy and daddy for recognizing how important it is to stop and enjoy these moments. Oregon is too cold, but Gramma can't wait to come to Hawaii and play in the warm rain again soon. Catch a few drops for me Sweetie! I love you!