Cora knows her whole alphabet!! We are so incredibly proud of her (and look how proud she is of herself!) She has letter puzzles, letters on the fridge, and letters in her bathtub and you can ask her where any letter is and she will point it out to you, she can pronounce almost all of them too (and although the N, Q, Y, and C are hard for her to say she still knows what they are.)  It's amazing to me how smart she is (and I know all parents say that, but really... in her case it's true!)


Anonymous said...

What a smug beautiful mug that is! I am so proud of you Cora, and proud of your Mommy and Daddy too. I can't wait to come see you again and you can teach Grandma a thing or two!

Big hugs and kisses for you!

Anonymous said...

hi cora i love you and i am proud too the alphabet is good to know


your cousin in Oregon Makayla