Ohhh, what to say? What to say...
I turned 31. Really? Is that possible? Let's see... 
I was born 1977. Current year, 2008. 
2008 - 1977 = ???... let me bust out my handy-dandy calculator.... 
Crap, yeah, 31. 
It's ok though, it was a really good day. I got to sleep in. 
Mel got up with Cora. 
When I got up I had a beautiful baby girl running to me, breakfast made, and a birthday cake in the oven. Who can really complain about that? 
We went to lunch and ate one of my favorite desserts, Chili's White Chocolate Raspberry Lava Cake, yummmm. 
Mel bought me a BEAUTIFUL one-of-a-kind necklace from a local artisan that I just LOVE. Its so unique and so very cool. 
The rest of the day we just hanged out :) 
It was quiet and pleasant and just what I wanted.

Here's a few pictures of my day.... enjoy!

My Birthday Cake

Cora, stealing the first bite!

Enjoying her spoils...

Oh! And I got a wonderful surprise on my birthday as well... my cousin, Patricia, gave birth to her beautiful little girl on my birthday!! Pyper LeAnn (named after me and my mom) ...Happy BIRTH-day to YOU!! Happy birthday to us!

Pyper and my Grandpa, getting acquainted.

August 27th, a day worth celebrating!


Didi said...

Nice photos!

Anonymous said...

that is cool Piper has the same birthday as you ,aunt mary.

your cousin in Oregon Makayla