Wow, Time Flies

Has it really been a YEAR since my last blog entry?!!? Can you say slacker? C'mon Tiffany, I know YOU can!:) Well, needless to say being a mommy of TWO has kept me busy this last year! I feel terrible, I should have been documenting all the wonderful little milestones of Miss Ke`ala's first year in this blog because (Lord knows) I'm not going to remember them. But I didn't. Future Ke`ala, if you are reading this, I'm sorry.

Anyway, this past year has been a blur and FULL of changes for the Turner Ohana, I almost don't recognize my life from a year ago. As most of you know, we've moved to San Diego... thought I would like it more than I do but can't (REALLY) complain. It's nice besides the fact that we've been sick more in this one year than we were in ten years in Hawaii (what's up with that??) There is a lot of fun stuff to do here though, when we aren't coughing our lungs up and going through a years worth of boogie wipes trying to keep the snot at bay. We have annual passes to the San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, and Seaworld. We spend a few times a month at each, fostering the girls love of animals and the outdoors. But mostly we've just been livin'...day to day...a thousand moments I can't recall but I am grateful for each and every one. Ok, I'll quit blabbing and just recap.

January and February 2011: We were still in Hawaii and spent this time trying to find a routine for Ke`ala baby, she had a rough first month of life, we spent her first two/three weeks holding her twentyfourseven! Lit.er.ally! We took turns holding her through the night, sleeping upright in a chair with her on our shoulder. She.would.not.lay.down. Turns out she had congestion and acid reflux and couldn't lay down without choking/pain. But by a month and a half old she had mastered the sleeping lying down bit (albeit on her tummy, shhhh.)
Exhausted Momma and Ke`ala

March and April 2011: Ew, we spent these months packing up and moving out of our island home (sad.) The girls and I flew to Oregon to couch surf random places (Moms, Dads, friends houses) for five weeks while Mel went to Rhode Island (or somewhere) for Officer Training (Fork & Knife) School (even more sad.) It was a miserable couple months I'd rather not remember.

The girls and I freezing in Oregon

May, June, July 2011: Mel returned from school, we packed up everything and drove from Oregon to San Diego to set up house in a great little condo in Mission Valley. Mel began work as a pediatric nurse, Cora turned four and learned how to swim (didn't take long with a private pool right outside the front door!) and Ke`ala began crawling EVERYWHERE.

Cora and her friend, Madeline, at her 4th birthday party

August 2011: We decided that our great little condo (although beautiful with exceptional neighbors) wasn't very family friendly. We started feeling like a prisoners pent up (gated community) with no green space, surrounded by freeways and concrete. I was a screaming lunatic every time Cora wanted to ride her bike because she (literally) only had the parking lot on which to ride and I was constantly afraid she was going to get hit by someone backing out of their garage or coming too fast around the corner. So we decided to bite the bullet and move into military housing (yay. another move. what are we at now? four this year. yeah.)

Mel and the girls at our new house.

September, October, November 2011: We loved our new military neighborhood! Older homes (that leave a lot to be desired) quaint and welcoming, with great neighbors. Ke`ala started taking steps and gaining more independence (a blessing and a curse for me) and Cora has (for the first time) neighborhood kids her age, to play with. Mel loves his new career. He's so passionate and driven and is being noticed both by his superiors and his patients' parents as a great value and asset to the hospital. I'm so proud to be married to him (<-- mushy sidenote.)

Mel, Everett, Cora, and her cousins when they were visiting from Oregon

December 2011: Of course Christmas, but more importantly, Ke`ala turned one! She started walking with confidence and has the funnest little personality. I was so unsure and unready for baby 2 when we got pregnant but look at her now! She completes us, this little Turner clan.

Ke`ala's 1st Birthday party!

So yeah, overall 2011 was a busy year with a lot of change and adjustment, but we are happy, healthy, thirty, flirting, and thriving (ok, so may a little past thirty but who's counting?)

Phew, and now that that's done, let's talk 2012! It's been good. Mel's into year two of nursing and we are looking forward to his promotion coming up at the end of the year! My house is coming together (I'm indecisive and lazy, it's a slow process) the girls are doing amazing. Cora will be starting Kindergarten this fall so we have been touring elementary schools and deciding where we are going to send her. She's been attending a little "preschool" once a week to get used to going to school WITHOUT Mom. She loves it so I'm sure Kindergarten will be a breeze for her. Ke`ala is sassing away with her sign language and has a few words in her arsenal now. Life is plugging along. The only major news for me is that I'm getting Lasik surgery this month! No more glasses, or contacts, or blind stumblings to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Two fully functional, clear visioned eyeballs! Can't hardly believe it. Can't wait!
Ok, I think that's it. This must be some kinda record for blog blatherings. And to those of you who read the whole thing, wow, I'm impressed because I'm not even going to proofread this dang thing, it's too long, I can't bear it. Hope everything made sense and the misspellings aren't too horrific.

Cora today, 4.5 years old :)

Ke`ala today, 15 months (already!)

Peace out friends! And come back, I won't be gone so long next time, I promise!




Christmas 2010

Christmas was wonderful! I was stressed and sleep deprived and like the walking dead with a two week old infant but still, Christmas was wonderful (really, it was.) We had our families (well, his entire family and my Mom) with us for Christmas for the first time in our eight years of marriage. Cora was beyond happy to have her cousins (Noah and Ali) here with her (I think the picture says it all.) I can't really recap because I don't remember most of it (walking dead) but I know that it was great Christmas and Santa did not disappoint! :)


FINALLY!!!... I am so proud, beyond words, of my husband. He's worked so hard for the past three years to get to this point, COMMISSIONED. He's an amazing man, intelligent, kind, compassionate, hard working, all while being the most incredible father and husband. I am so blessed and lucky to have him in my life and am so happy that he was able to realize his goals, college graduate, commissioned naval officer, and father of TWO beautiful girls, all in one month! Congratulations, Melvin, Sir!

The Arrival

Announcing Miss Ke`ala Ellise Turner. Born at 10:35pm on December 10, 2010. Momma was VERY nervous going into delivery and determined not to feel any pain! I told the nurses that their number one job was to control my pain, do that and I'll be happy!! They started my pitocin very slowly. The contractions were just a little uncomfortable and the pain was minimal as I progressed slowly. I was worried that they were prolonging my labor by not upping the pitocin fast enough... but thankfully they knew their job and did it well (despite my lack of faith) because right when my contractions started to hurt (just a little) the nurse anesthetist was there and my epidural was put it place. He was FABULOUS and I felt nothing! From that point on I was peachy, no pain, no discomfort, just a warm, happy glow :) Around 10:30 the doctor came in to check my progression and was shocked to see Ke`ala's HEAD poking out! He called in the team, got everything ready, I did one practice push, and one push with a contraction and she was OUT (really, can labor be that easy?!?!) I was shocked! Thinking back to my labor experience with Cora I was so amazed and relieved that it was a completely opposite experience. Pain free, baby came out pink and screaming, just like I prayed for!! And so beautiful... and a GIRL!!! I cried and was so filled with joy. I had fully expected her to be a boy so I was surprised beyond belief and really able to enjoy and be in the moment because my pain was under control, I'm so thankful to the doctors and nurses for making my second and last birth experience so positively memorable.

Ke`ala Ellise 8lbs2oz, 20inches
Cora meeting her sister for the first time
The Turner girls
Daddy's pride and joys



Oh, Halloween. Not my favorite holiday, but with this little sprite in the house, it was actually fun! Here's a few pictures of Miss Moo's transformation from Cora to Tinkerbelle!


Aww, The Fam

This is probably as close as we are going to get to a family photo before we go from a family of three to a family of four. I am six months pregnant in these and not very comfortable but hey, they are cute pictures anyway :) These were taken way down Waikiki Beach at an end-of-summer BBQ with some of Mel's nursing student friends. It was a great time! I've never actually been that far down the beach before, it was really nice and not crowded at all... I know where we are going from now on when we want to beach it in town! Anyway, this is short, just checking in and letting y'all know that things are progressing, both in pregnancy and in school. Mel will be graduated in December and we will be on to a new life adventure... family of FOUR in VIRGINIA, woot woot!! One love, peace out, sauerkraut!


Cora Lue is THREE

I can't believe it's been three years... really, I can.not believe it. What an amazing sojourn it is to be a parent. I thought I never wanted this adventure but there are not words to describe how wrong I was. Being a parent is the single most important, most treasured, and most rewarding part of my life. Thank you Cora, for being beautiful you. We are so blessed and honored to your Mommy & Daddy. Happy 3rd Birthday!!


15 Weeks

Pic of the Day: Kaneohe Sandbar

Today, I am 15 weeks pregnant. Woot woot!! I think it's finally starting to sink in... I'm going to have another baby. Even just writing this blog, focused on baby 2, feels so weird. This is Cora's blog (WAS Cora's blog) now she has to share it, like so many other things. She is very excited though. She asked me a couple days ago, "Mommy, when can my baby brother or sister come out of your belly?" I told her not until Christmas time. She said, "I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS TIME!! I just can't wait!!"... so cute. And when we went to the baby store to do a little shopping she kept asking to buy things for Baby Nugget, she didn't ask for a single thing for herself. What a sweet little soul, now, if only she can keep that outlook once baby is here, in her reality, sharing her space, sharing Mommy & Daddy, sharing her toys... we shall see! We have so many changes coming in the next six months, I'm not sure I'm ready, but time keeps ticking along without any concern for me... But yeah, back to baby, I had my 14 week appt., everything seems to be going well, we got to hear a very loud, very strong heartbeat, which made me smile :) I kept asking for an ultrasound because I've been very nervous about this pregnancy, doc wouldn't give me one but hearing that little thump thump was very reassuring anyway. 25 weeks and counting...



"I'm a princess with monkey feet!! I'm a princess with monkey feet on a bicycle!!! Look at me, look at me!!" Miss Cora Lue was in rare form today. Not only was she a "princess with monkey feet," but throughout the day she was also "Superhero Cora, to the rescue!" (her pink blankie doubles as a cape) and a Lick Monster (who chases you through the house, tackles you and licks/drools on you to gross you out.) She learned how to do a headstand on the couch, and discovered that if she stands on the couch she can jump ALL THE WAY across the living room and land on her monkey chair "and see Momma, I don't hurt myself, I'm ok. I can do it, it doesn't hurt." How silly of me to suggest she stop, she clearly had it under control. It's definitely been a day, no complaints though, I laughed all day long :)


For My Mother (AND GINA!)

Boxcar races!
FIRST SNOW! (She nailed Mommy in the eye with a snowball!)
Time spent with friends
Happy Dance for her brother/sister on the way
The girl loves to shop

As was brought to my attention (several times,) I have not updated my blog since Christmas!! I know that is unacceptable and I will do my best to get back into the habit! 2010 has been a crazy year. Cora has been a hundred miles a minute, growing, learning, and thriving. Mel has been absolutely swamped with school, and we have been trying FOREVER to get pregnant. But now, Mel is on (albeit short) summer vacation, I feel less stress and have more help, and I'm pregnant(!!!) so things are looking good right about now... time for some reflection, if only I had memory enough to recap that last few months! But let's be real, I don't know what I did earlier today, much less a few months back (Ginko, if only I would take you...) In a very short and not very detailed recap, we played play-doh, painted pretty pictures, swang on swings (not a word, but perfect anyway,) had lots of park time, beach time, and pool time. We celebrated birthdays, made friends, lost friends, had Valentine's fun, traveled to visit family, had Easter extravaganzas, Sealife Park tours, Zoo fun, and Mother's Day celebrations. In short, we've been livin' the good life these past five months!
As for current events.... Cora is the light of our lives. She is like this little magnet for happiness and I can't say enough how much fun "two" has been with her, there was no "terrible" in it at all, but alas, the time is short until she turns three!! I fear since two was so great, three must be where "the terrible" kicks in! But, I am beaming with pride for her right now. Last night Mel took off the front of her crib to transition her into her big girl bed she will get on her 3rd birthday and we are both absolutely shocked at how well she did her first night without bars. We told her that she had to stay in her bed unless she had to pee, no getting up... and she listened!! She got up one time to turn off her fan and get a book, but she yelled for me and asked permission before she got up. And just now, at her first naptime in the open crib, I heard her open her door so I went to chastise her for getting up without asking and she was sitting on the toilet going potty!! I am just so impressed at what a sweet, smart, amazingly obedient and kind little soul she is. I just love her!!


Christmas & New Years

It was all a blast. Too much to type. Let's just have a little picture-fest instead.

Snow White in the flesh
Christmas Joy
LOVING her presents from the Grands
Party naked! It's New Years Eve!!
Lovin' Life


Honolulu City Lights

We took the Honolulu City Lights Trolley Tour! The trolley was a little scary, not being buckled in and driving in Honolulu traffic was a little nerve-racking for a worry-wart mommy like me. I could tell Cora was a little nervous, but she loved it at the same time. We had fun, but now I feel bad because she's been sick ever since :( I exposed her to some cold bug somewhere down there, grrr.
Now she keeps asking to go back to the "elf store" and "watch them make toys for her." SO CUTE. I am so excited to see her on Christmas morning, it is going to be a beautiful thing! I hope everyone out there has a great, GREAT Christmas! Much love!!


Mommy & Me Tea

Cora and I went to our first "afternoon tea" today! It was such a beautiful little tea room and we had a blast!! We met new friends, ate chocolate covered strawberries and bananas, had cute flower shaped tea sandwiches, muffins, and cupcakes, and of course, delicious tea. The best part was crafting and that Cora got a magic wand (star shaped and everything!) so she can be a temporary fairy just like Alice (in one of her favorite books!) It was the perfect afternoon tea, and we can't wait to go again! Dressing up for tea has never been more fun.



I'm posting a few photos of nightlife in the Turner house. I love my life. I can't believe how beautiful my little girl is becoming. She is growing so much every day and is a complete parrot. She repeats EVERYTHING we do and say. Lucia today, taught her a little something. Cora came up to me and said "Mommy, this is my finger and THIS is you" then she twirled one finger around her other finger... get it? I'm wrapped around her little finger. I cracked up. It was so cute, but if Lu had been home she mighta got hit! We are getting decorated and really excited for Christmas. Cora sat on Santa's lap and let him read her a book and talk about what she wants for Christmas, it was a really priceless moment, AND we got it captured on film. I can't wait for you all to see it.
Anyway, off to bed and to watch The Holiday... I hope you enjoy the photos of a really great evening :)