Honolulu Zoo

Zoo days!! So, it had been a few months and it was high-time we took Miss Lue to the zoo! She had a lot of fun. Her favorite things were the turtles, the fishies, the lions (kitty kitties), and the hyenas (ruff, ruff, doggies) She loved the lizards too and tried to give them kisses!


18 Months

Cora had her 18-month "well baby" appointment. She's 50 percentile in height and weight. And "very advanced" (according to her doctor (proud momma)) in both language and gross motor skills. He went so far as to "warn" us that if/when we have another child to not expect our next baby to meet milestones as quickly as Cora has. Whatev. He (or she) will be just as brilliant (how could they not be!) but anyway, we were so proud to know that Cora is doing so well, I really didn't think she was ahead of the curve, statistically.

Mel has started his clinicals. I think he's enjoying them (he has to physically assess some cute, young, co-ed next week!) and I'm trying to support him, but I miss him. Cora and I have gotten so used to having him around all the time, its an adjustment. Cora and I did bath and bedtime by ourselves for the first time in MONTHS. She did well, but when I was rocking her before bed she kept yelling for daddy. I just kept telling her "daddy is at school, you'll see him in the morning." It was sad, but she's adjusting pretty well.

She has fallen in love with the dolly her Uncle Everett and cousin Makayla got for her. She has to have her in bed with her to go to sleep. She carries her all over the house and feeds her and rocks her to sleep. It's so sweet. Anyway, that's it for now! Ta ta.



Some days (normal, average, going-about-my-daily-routine days) it's easy to forget that I live in Paradise. So easy to forget I think, that God feels the need to smack me into consciousness sometimes.... 

Godsmacked via rainbow!!

But I don't just mean me and I don't just mean Hawaii.  All of us, no matter where we live, there are small (but glorious) reminders that life truly is beautiful, the earth is an amazing place filled with little miracles. We just need to take the time to notice (and appreciate) them.    


Rainy Days

Ugh. The days have been dreary. But leave it up to my daughter to make things interesting. She demands to play in the rain. Well, not so much "demands" as squeals with so much delight at the idea of getting to go outside in the rain that her daddy and I can't resist it. We have to oblige. But wind, rain, thunder/lightening, and warm nights make picking the right outfit a little tricky. This is what we came up with (she might look a fool but she's havin' FUN!)

And here are a couple more from the following day... she was trying to catch raindrops with her tongue.  
So. Cute.