Say Cheese!!

I used to get so frustrated because Cora had this beautiful little smile and I could never catch it on camera. She would be smiling all over her precious little face and as soon as I pulled the camera out she would stop smiling and start studying me and what I was doing. Now I have a whole new problem!! Meet Miss Cheese Face....

Every time I point the camera at her she has to strike a cheese face! There is no such thing as a candid shot with this girl. She's gone from one extreme to the other... oh well. :)

On another note, she has been playing with her shapes the past few days. She has a star shaped pig, a circle-bear, heart-cow, triangle-mouse, and square-chicken and she's been working on getting them in their appropriately shaped holes. She's a pro after only three days! The heart still gives her a little trouble and she gets mad at it and slams it down when she can't get it to go in the heart shaped hole. We are trying to teach her that its ok to get frustrated but she doesn't need to slam things around, haha. It's so cute though and hard not to laugh!


Anonymous said...

OMG! Lucy does this now, too. What a total pain in the patootie! Now I have to fake her out and keep the camera up way longer and hope she gets distracted. Any thing with a bright light like a flash or the red light before the flash and she scrunches up her face like Miss Cora.

Crazy kids.

Anonymous said...

i love that dress on you cora

your cousin in oregon makayla